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Frequently Asked Questions

We know the decision to choose someone is hard, we hope these questions and answers helps guide you.  If you should have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

What is a Virtual Assistant?
Virtual Assistants, or VAs,  are professionals who work from their own location and provide administrative and personal support services.   We build long-term collaborative relationships with only a handful clients.  Using the best of current and emerging technologies, VAs support their clients seamlessly–without having to ever step foot inside the clients’ offices.

Why should I hire a Virtual Assistant?
You are spending countless hours and all your efforts into making your business a success.  Yes, you can do most everything on your own, but what if you had one other person handling all the “little” things?  All those tedious little tasks can free you up to:
•    Spend your time on money generating activities
•    Follow up on leads that might have been passed up because you were doing proposals
•    Spend more time with family and friends
•    Give yourself a more balance and rounded life
Making the decision to hire someone to handle things for you can be a trying task in itself, but with the years of experience we have, we can make a difference in your life and how your business is handled.
Your time is valuable and it shouldn’t be wasted on checking emails, invoicing and all other administrative tasks.

Isn’t it costly to hire a virtual assistant?
No, it is actually cost effective.  When you hire a Virtual Assistant, you do not have to:
•    Provide office space
•    Provide medical benefits, payroll taxes, worker’s compensation, vacation or sick leave
•    No training time
You pay a virtual assistant for the time they work for you.  There is no down time wasted with nothing to do.  We have broken this all down in a form for you to see for yourself how much having us on your team will save you money.  We are dedicated to your success!

What do you mean you are dedicated to my success?
As Virtual Assistants, we are micro business owner ourselves and we take great pride in our acheivements.  Your success will lead you to realize how valuble our service has been to you and there fore, you will keep using our services and perhaps, we can gain referral business.  Repeat clients and referral business is our life blood.  As Virtual Assistance, your success leads to our success!

How do I know you are billing me properly for my project?
Please remember, we are business owners as well.  We have over 20 combined years experience in providing assistance to busy professionals.  Our goal is to provide you with quality virtual assistant, marketing or Web site services in a timely, professional manner.  To partake in unethical practices is of no interest to us.

How do we communicate and work together?
We use email, telephone, Skype, messenger, project management tools to communicate with our clients. If you are local to the area, in-person meetings are also an option.  We will do our best to accommodate your business and your preferred style of communication when delegating tasks.


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