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What is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant is a remote office assistant. Such assistants can provide the same administrative, marketing, and office support services to your business that an in-house Executive Assistant, Administrative Assistant or Real Estate Assistant can.


Let The Virtual Secretary’s virtual assistant handle all of your daily administrative tasks while you focus on client-facing, money generating activities.  The Virtual Secretary virtual assistant services are highly sought after!  We can handle everything from screening e-mails, meeting and event planning, travel and reservations, presentations, RFPs and proposals, spreadsheets and more!  A remote secretary will save you time and money!


Who has time for marketing when you’re trying to run a business?  Hiring The Virtual Secretary will save you hours of time in editing and updating your website, managing your SEO, creating and managing e-mail campaigns, creating newsletters, flyers and brochures, advertising pieces, managing your social media and so much more! A remote marketing assistant will save you time and money!


Business Systems and Automation are the key to a thriving business. There are so many moving parts of your online business and we can help!  Our services can include: Membership programs, JV/Affiliate programs, email marketing campaigns, social media, marketing and branding, blogs, newsletters and promotional calendars.  What do you need?  How can we help?


As your OBM we will dive into your business and review your projects, teams and operations. We will become the glue that holds together communications, systems and your team to lay out proper procedures, structures and functions to get your projects done – on time, with the right tools and the right people.
virtual assistant - online business manager


From general computer questions to backup and disaster recovery plans, The Virtual Secretary has got you covered!  We get it. Technology is NOT your thing. We’ve worked with some brilliant people over the years who could barely turn on their computer.  We can speak geek and we can also explain issues to non-technical types in a way that won’t embarass you.  So when’s the last time your computer was backed up?  Where can you find those back ups if you needed them in an emergency? Let’s talk.


Do you have a project that doesn’t quite fit into one of our typical service categories?  Our team is incredibly resourceful, knowledgeable and experienced in a variety of industries, softwares and business services.  We’ve had some really out of the box requests and managed to exceed expecations!

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What My Clients Say

I've worked with her on and off for years on a multitude of projects and tasks and find her both charmingly non-traditional and amazingly effective in her approach. She has earned my highest praise.
Angela A.`
My association with Anna goes beyond "service provider." Our desktop publishing and web design relationship in the mid-90s has grown to mutual collaboration and support. Anna's creative eye far surpasses my best do-it-yourself efforts! She quickly grasps my muddled instructions and consistently delivers excellent work that exceeds my expectations. Without hesitation, I endorse The Virtual Secretary.
Kathy D.
Consultant, Speaker, Trainer
Anna's willingness to create partnerships with her clients and colleagues is second to none. She has proven time and again to be a great resource for me and my client support systems. Her knowledge on SEO - the right way - is what makes her a true and respected professional in her field. On a personal note, she is the only person who has as raucous a laugh as me.
Cathy M.
The Office Grapevine

.: Virtual Assistant Rockstar :.

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