Online Business Manager for Coaches

"You're here right now because you KNOW that without making a change, your business won’t be able to scale and make the money you know you deserve!"

The Virtual Secretary can serve as your personal OBM (Online Business Manager) to handle the daily operations, projects and team members of your business.  Now you can spend time on money generating activities and meeting with potential clients.

We PARTNER with you to learn the in’s and out’s of your business, your vision and your dreams.  Then we create an action plan to achieve those dreams with your team.

Why spend your day overwhlemed managing projects and staff?  Using a professional online business manager for coaches helps to increase communication and revenue for your business.  We assist with all of your administrative, technical and customer service details so that you don’t have to!


  • Operations Management
  • Business Strategy
  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Automation
  • Project Management
  • Team Management
  • Product Launch Management
  • Course Creation
  • Meetings/Conferences
  • Marketing Management
  • Website Management
  • CRM Management
  • EmailCampaigns
  • Newsletter Management
  • Metrics and Analytics
  • Web Site Updates
  • Web Site Optimization
  • Social Media
  • SEO

What Does an online business manager for coaches cost?

$2,000 per Month 

What You Get


Whether it’s already launched or something still in the works, there’s always a project happening in the background!  From trainings, courses, product launches and conferences, we handle it all!

  • Develop and track projects
  • Schedule meetings
  • Track deliverables
  • Cost estimations
  • Manage project budget
  • Create/maintain project timelines
  • Audit/update online offers (traing and courses)
  • Manage community on Facebook, LinkedIn, Slack or other online communities
  • Manage/track content calendar


We manage your contractors – or we can provide contractors – either way, we stay on top of tasks and projects.  We manage and exceed expectations.

  • Interview/hire/fire team
  • Create/deliver  communication
  • Deliver orientation
  • Manage hiring, onboarding, training and off-boarding system
  • Manage payroll and internal invoicing system
  • Conduct check-ins and performance reviews
  • Create hiring systems (job description, hiring form, interviewing, potential shortlist, trial tasks)
  • Manage team’s day-to-day


As your business scales, it doesn’t make sense for you to spend your time on tasks that don’t generate revenue.  Spend your time  on clients and new leads, that’s where the money is!

  • SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures)
  • Project kick-offs
  • Scheduling meetings
  • Tracking deliverables
  • Cost estimations and managing project budget
  • Creating and maintaining project timelines
  • Help audit and maintain online products (including courses)
  • Manage community on Facebook, Slack or Discord
  • Manage and keep track of content calendar


Onboarding starts with two in-depth sessions to benchmark where you are now – and create your roadmap to where you want to be.

Session 1:
  • Review current business model, brand and web site to ensure they are current.
  • Review and/or define income and work/life/balance goals.
  • Establish immediate needs vs. long-term
  • Evaluate current systems being used, positives and negatives.
  • Review/revise team roles.
Session 2:
  • Review/revise current marketing calendar.
  • Develop a strategic marketing plan to meet sales/income goals.
  • Find new avenues for greater exposure
  • Set up a project management system for organizing dates and deadlines