Online Business Manager

The Virtual Secretary can serve as your personal OBM (Online Business Manager) to handle the daily operations, projects and team members of your business.

We have decades of experience as a virtual business manager assisting both online and offline businesses with their daily operations.   This leaves our clients the time to focus on money generating activities and to meet with potential clients.

We partner with our client to learn the daily operations and work with your team to increase communication and revenue for your business.  We assist with all of your administrative, technical and customer service details so that you don’t have to!

Where do you spend a majority of your day?  Do you need help managing projects, programs and staff?  Are you just freaking overwhelmed?

The Virtual Secretary can assist your business with operations management, project management, product launch management and so much more.  We will partner with you to relieve the load on your plate and help you to focus on the money generating activities – or spending more time with the family.

From fostering client relationships to setting up tools, processes and softwares that integrate together and automate your business – we’ll turn your argh into ahhh! 

  • Operations Management
  • Project Management
  • Team Management
  • Product Launch Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Website Management
  • CRM Management
  • Email
  • Campaigns/Newsletter Management
  • Metrics and Analytics

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