Three and half years ago I began a contract position with a company in the next town providing web site design and internet marketing.

time to boogie

time to boogie


After 90 days, I was offered the position of Director of Marketing, a nice salary and benefits, a corporate card and given a corner office.   If you know me, I was *big pimpin’* and actually enjoyed being back in “the office.”  All of this happened amidst a divorce and the timing, well, just seemed right.

Fast forward three and half years and through a combined effort of our fabulous sales team and their awesome Director of Marketing (ahem, that’s me!) we sold the company and made my boss a very happy, wealthy man.  *cheers*   …however, the celebration soon ended.  I was now, just another number in corporate America.

I’m too unique to be lost in corporate America.  So it’s time to boogie.

Written by Anna Baron

Anna Baron

I’ve owned and operated The Virtual Link and The Virtual Secretary since 1997. My services include, but are not limited to: virtual assistance, Internet marketing, web site design, and graphic design.