Today we finished the new layout – and I love it!  The web site is fresh, the logo works well with the new theme and I couldn’t be happier.

web site redesign before and after shotJeannette has been a huge help brainstorming, creating graphics and rewriting some old, tired verbiage.

We officially start promoting the site tomorrow at a fundraiser for a North Texas club.  We’ve donated a free 5-page web site, domain and hosting.

The fundraiser is to help some people in need and I’m hoping that between giving back to the community and being able to get out and network, we’ll be able to spread the word that The Virtual Secretary has officially relaunched, and hopefully bring home a few leads.

At the very minimum, we’re helping to raise funds for people in need in our community and that’s always a GREAT thing!

Written by Anna Baron

Anna Baron

I’ve owned and operated The Virtual Link and The Virtual Secretary since 1997. My services include, but are not limited to: virtual assistance, Internet marketing, web site design, and graphic design.