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Digital Marketing Services – Online Business Manager – Marketing Virtual Assistant

Digital Marketing – Online Business Manager – Marketing Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants are saving entrepreneurs and small businesses thousands of dollars each year!

Virtual Assistants work from their own offices (usually at home), they use their own equipment and provide services to small businesses, entrepreneurs, executives, and busy individuals who need assistance with the daily operation of their businesses.

Virtual Assistant assignments are usually handled via phone, fax and e-mail.

Virtual Assistants are enabling professionals to spend more time on money generating activities and less time on the administrative aspects of the business.

The benefits of working with Virtual Assistants greatly outnumber the benefits of hiring an in-house assistant. For instance, here are a few ways that you can save money using a Virtual Assistant:

  • Pay only for time worked on a project – not a 40 hour week!
  • No insurance, 401k contributions, workman’s comp or other related benefits.
  • No office space required!
  • NO training required in most cases!
  • Have more time to spend on money generating activities!

We have created a spreadsheet to help businesses understand the TRUE cost savings when outsourcing administrative or marketing tasks.

save money with a virtual assistant
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Start a Virtual Assistant Business

Want to work from home?  Have you ever thought about how to start a virtual assistant business but you weren’t quite sure how to start?  The 30 Day VA is an online, on-demand virtual assistant training course that will show you how to start a virtual assistant business in 30 days or less!