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Digital Marketing Services – Online Business Manager – Marketing Virtual Assistant

Digital Marketing – Online Business Manager – Marketing Virtual Assistant

tech virtual assistant services

Well if you want to get technical about it….There’s a lot our techs can help with.

  • Need help with a computer issue?  We can remote in and try to help.
  • Need advice on devices for your office?  Yep, we can help with that too.
  • Do you have nightly backups running of your systems and files?
  • Do you have a disaster recovery plan in the event that your computer crashed, the office burned down or a tornado carries Toto and your laptop away? 

Business runs smooth – until technology gets in the way.  Let us act as your Level I support to help diagnose and solve current problems and proactively prevent future diasters.


  • Tech Support
  • Disaster Recovery Plans
  • Program Consulting
  • Backups